NABA is proud to showcase the components of its culture and DNA under the wide and protective cloak of

Dolce Stil Novo,

Rooted deeply in Milanese life, NABA is open to partnering with universities globally. Crossing boundaries from East to West (China, India, Italy, Germany and Mexico) with its Bachelor and Master programmes.
A testimonial of a continually evolving school, invariably ready to embrace signs of change, inspire new trends and directions, but without being tied to a single thread – welcoming diversity as a part of the contemporary. Committed to the success of students and graduates in being the next generation of makers of the creative industry.

Marc Ledermann
CEO Laureate Italian Art & Design Education

The theme of Dolce Stil Novo is intertwined in the continual search for new languages which find their expression in the fashion world.
A literary movement, symbol of a new way to see things and understand the world and human relationships: a typically Italian title and location, but known all over the world, preserving it’s meaning through the centuries.
Fashion is almost a synonym of “new”, or as such it has always been considered, although even the concept of “new” itself is undergoing profound transformations today: it is becoming more and more difficult to say what is new, what is old and what we’ll see in the future.
Everything overlaps in layers, often with fading borders; macro trends shatter into thousands of proposals, each with their own personal message, projected towards success or to a niche dimension; according to an individual’s own ability to meet soul mates, kindred spirits, fans, loyal customers, travel companions, job placements and followers.
The outcome is made of short poems replacing epical stories or feuilletons, through capsule collections or styling solutions for readers, audiences and navigators of the third millennium

Nicoletta Morozzi
Leader of NABA Fashion Projects


from the union of OVER = ‘above, beyond’ and FLOW = ‘stream’

An irrepressible stream.
A spillover.
An explosion.
Sounds that propagate.
Vibrations that multiply.
Harmonious sound waves

An “OVERFLOW” effect.
The term indicates an excess of data traffic in a specific system
(buffer overflow),
generating a resulting value that is too large to be represented within the space available for its storage.

An excess of technology, of moments lived in a virtual reality, of friends on Facebook, of likes on Instagram, of emoticons.
We are unable to live without social networks, but at the same time
we constantly try to maintain links with the past: analogue and digital complement and compensate each other.

The magazine brings together many works which are completely different,  but united by the need to search for a new language that brings out the individual’s personality.
An individuality that need to be part of a group to
be able to emerge and stand out. OVERFLOW is our incessant and uncontrollable “flow of emotions” which finds its direction
in creative expression.

A new Dolce Stil Novo, which is about all of us and each of us.

Students of the BA in Fashion Design with specialization in Fashion Styling & Communication